Poker Theory Lawful Good Paladin

Poker Theory: Lawful Good Paladin

Not every poker table has the same dynamic, so it’s important to master a few different playstyles to draw from. Because I’m such a nerd, I’ve been visualizing my different approaches to the game as n...

Play poker like a barbarian

Poker Theory: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian

Today I want to talk about one of the most important styles that every new player should master: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian. This style is ideal when short stacked.

Level Up Poker

Level Up Your Poker Game

Poker is a very complex game with a massive number of concepts to keep track of. I needed a mental framework for sorting through that stuff

Poker Player

Poker Theory

My name is Peter Allen, I’m a part time poker player and a full time software engineer. I am not a writer. What I am is someone who has played poker for most of his life and has obsessed over th...