Podcast: Season 1

The Uncanny Valley Podcast. A podcast about culture that you need!

Billie Eilish

Join The Uncanny Valley as we call up teenage sensation Billie Eilish for a quick phone interview. Stick around for a game we like to call… “Know Your Holes”


We took a few weeks off but we are back. See what happens when we leave for a while? The world explodes into a global pandemic of catastrophic proportions. We discuss pandemics from history, we talk i...

The Greatest Shitting Ever Told

First, we illuminate to you the visitors why “Dead or Alive” is a thing on this podcast. We explore this plane of existence and the next, and discuss topics such as Michael Jordan’s ...

How to Survive

Join the Uncanny Valley Podcast this week as Jenn shares important skills that can help us survive in almost any survival situation. From the four horsemen of the apocalypse to dinner with your mother...

2020 Valentine’s Day Special: How to Treat a Lady

We know that some of you are struggling out there so we’re here to help you out! Ladies can be fickle creatures, we understand… but get it right this Valentine’s Day with these foolp...

Know Your Celebrities of Yesteryear: Bing Crosby and Bill Cosby

How well do you know your celebrities of yesteryear? We’re gonna find out in this game we like to call “Know Your Celebrities of Yesteryear”. In this installment, we explore two worl...

Truffle Pig

Truffle Pigs

Join The Uncanny Valley as we get to the bottom of Truffle Pigs. Where does that oil that you put on your french fries REALLY come from? We also discuss fecal floral scents and horseshoe crab orgies....

What in the Weed!?! – With Steve Frankel of Caroline’s Cannabis

This was an exciting week in the Uncanny Blackstone Valley! None other than the Snoop D o double G himself stopped by our little local pot shop, Caroline’s Cannabis at 640 Douglas Street, Uxbrid...

Stage Lady

Quiet Over There, There’s a Lady on the Stage – with Sarah Martin

Comedian Sarah Martin joins The Uncanny Valley for an interview.

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