Poker Theory: Neutral Evil Thief

in, a straightforward tight-aggressive style for playing deep stacked poker. It’s important to regularly switch styles to keep your opponents off guard and my favorite for exploiting an honest reputat...

Poker Theory Lawful Good Paladin

Poker Theory: Lawful Good Paladin

Not every poker table has the same dynamic, so it’s important to master a few different playstyles to draw from. Because I’m such a nerd, I’ve been visualizing my different approaches to the game as n...

Play poker like a barbarian

Poker Theory: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian

Today I want to talk about one of the most important styles that every new player should master: Chaotic Neutral Barbarian. This style is ideal when short stacked.

Level Up Poker

Level Up Your Poker Game

Poker is a very complex game with a massive number of concepts to keep track of. I needed a mental framework for sorting through that stuff

What is The Uncanny Valley MUD? How can I play?

MUDs, including The Uncanny Valley MUD are Role Playing Games (RPGs) in which you use your imagination to create a fictional character and explore a large open world alongside other players from all o...

(CRISPR) Four Reasons Why Kevin Esvelt Can’t Die

If you follow the world of biohacking in gene editing, you’ve undoubtedly heard of CRISPR and Kevin Esvelt. Kevin is an associate professor at MIT and runs the Sculpting Evolution program throug...

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