What is The Uncanny Valley MUD? How can I play?

Man in a fantasy costume of a dark demon, cosplay.

What in the world is a MUD?

MUD stands for Multi-User Dungeon. Multi User Dungeon games are text games that were popular on the internet (and BBSes) back in the early 90s. They’re hardcore. There are many different types of MUDs, but they generally share common fantasy themes.

MUDs, including The Uncanny Valley MUD are Role Playing Games (RPGs) in which you use your imagination to create a fictional character and explore a large open world alongside other players from all over the world.

Characters kill monsters, gather gold, explore dark dungeons and mysterious flying cloud kingdoms. Characters interact together through an intuitive system of text commands.

Different MUDs have different themes, attributes, and rules. Many are rooted in medieval fantasy (think Skyrim) type environments. Some MUDs revolve heavily around SCI-FI themes. Other MUDs may be pirate, or history themed. There is no limit to people’s creativity.

Alright, that does actually sound kinda cool. How can I play?

At The Uncanny Valley, we run our own MUD that we invite you to play with us. There’s only one thing you need, and that’s a MUD client. A MUD client is a software program through which the game is played. (Power users may also use telnet or putty, or any other terminal client you are familiar with)

We are currently recommended the free cross-platform MUD client mudlet that is hosted at www.mudlet.org.

Step 1. Point your web browser to www.mudlet.org

Step 2. Click “Download”

Mudlet from mudlet.org

Step 3. Select your operating system. If you’re using an Apple Mac select OS X and if you’re using Microsoft Windows select Windows.

Download the mud client

Step 4: Download the mudlet client.
Select the package for your operating system. Be sure to select the package that DOES NOT have (Source code) in the title. That’s for developers.

Step 5: Install the package by double clicking on the file once it has downloaded to your computer.

NOTE for OSX Users (Windows users can skip this part):
The mudlet package has not been signed by Apple as a trusted package. This is an open source package, and it is up to you to make the decision about whether to trust it or not. That being said, Apple blocks all untrusted packages by default. Installing them requires a few extra steps.

1.) Select the Apple in the top left corner of your Mac menubar
2.) Select System Preferences
3.) Select the Security & Privacy icon.

Apple security and privacy

I’ve already clicked it, so the option has disappeared, but if you need to allow an app from an Unidentified Developer, a button will appear where I’ve indicated here. You can click on the lock in the lower left of the screen, and then you’ll be able to click the Allow App button.

Allow insecure apps

After following these steps, the mudlet client should be available on your Macintosh. For more information about Trusted Apps, check out Apple’s Knowledge Article.

But I don’t have a computer?!?

That’s OK! Lots of people don’t have computers. You can still play MUDs with us. There are several MUD clients in the app store for both IOS and Android. Just do a quick search and check out the reviews. Though it is possible to play a mud on your phone, I would highly recommend a physical keyboard. I can’t imagine really playing the game without one.

Alright Cool, I have my MUD client installed. Now what?

Awesome. You’re just about ready to go. Now you only need two bits of information.

MUD clients connect to an address and a port.

To connect to The Uncanny Valley MUD you’ll want to connect to:

server address: mud.theuncannyvalley.net

When you first start the mudlet client, you’ll see the profile screen. It comes pre-populated with a bunch of different MUDs for you to try out. To connect to The Uncanny Valley MUD though, you’ll want to fill out the profile as it appears below. We recommend only filling in the required section at the top.

The Uncanny Valley Mud Connection Information

Now you’re ready to play!!!

Now it’s time for you to enter the world for the first time! Congratulations. Click the “Connect” button to join the game.

You’ll see some colorful text roll by, and the game credits – and then you’ll be asked for your name. You likely won’t want to use your real name. Remember, this is a fantasy world!!! You can be whoever you want to be! Make it creative!

You’ll be asked some initial questions to create your character. Choose wisely, because once these decisions are made you’ll need to create a new character to change them. (You may create as many characters as you like)

Image of MUD client

If you’re familiar with role playing games, this is old news to you – but for our first time readers here is an overview of the classes.

Cleric: These are the healers of the realm. The clerics. These believers aren’t the strongest fighters but they are the only class that can heal themselves and others. Every traveling party would be wise to include a cleric among it’s ranks.

Thief: Thieves are sneaky and rely on their dexterity and stealth to get by in the world. Watch your back, and your pockets around these shadowy characters. If your goal is wealth and riches, you’d be wise to have a friend that can pick locks.

Warrior: Sometimes you just gotta bash in skulls. Warriors are the toughest of the classes hitting harder and taking more damage than the other classes. Warriors kick, bash, and smash their way through life and are a force to be reckoned with.

Magic User: Magic users harness the power mystical forces to both protect themselves and inflict damage and pain upon their enemies. Old wise mages can be some of the most powerful characters in the game.

Again make your choice wisely as it cannot be changed without creating a whole new character and losing all of your progress!!!

Ok, I picked. Now what?

Now my friends, I’ll leave you to explore the realm and see what you can do. There are a few commands I’ll leave you with that can help you on your way. These are:


I would recommend reading through all of those commands, and using the “shout” command to get the attention of any players that may be off adventuring.

If no one is around, hang out and someone will find you soon!
Enjoy the game, and we’ll catch you around the Realm.

– Amalgamation

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